The Cottage acknowledges that all survivors have more identities than survivor. Each person holds complex, intersectional identities that impact how they experience trauma, support, and healing. LGBTQ persons have higher rates of experiencing sexual violence, while also having lower rates of reporting, accessing services, and familial support. At The Cottage, we work to reduce barriers that LGBTQ survivors face when obtaining services by providing accessible, knowledgeable, and affirming support, referrals, and advocacy.

The prevalence of experiencing sexual violence for a person that is LGBTQ identified is significantly higher than for a person who identifies as heterosexual and cisgender.

  • 47% of transgender people are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime

  • 46% of bisexual women have been raped compared to 17% of heterosexual women 

  • 40% of gay men and 47% of bisexual men have experienced sexual violence other than rape compared to 21% of heterosexual men

  • LGBTQ people of color have higher rates of being sexually assaulted compared to white LGBTQ persons. (



The Cottage provides therapy for youth who are survivors of abuse, learning healthy boundaries, and/or are navigating their sexuality. All Cottage clinicians are trauma trained and have participated in training specific to LGBTQ identities. If unable to provide in house services, The Cottage can provide a referral to a knowledgeable, LGBTQ affirming clinician and cover the cost of counseling. The Cottage facilitates LGBTQ youth survivor support groups. More information on groups can be found here.

LGBTQ Adults

The Cottage works with adults who are survivors of childhood abuse and/or have experienced sexual violence as an adult. For LGBTQ adults, The Cottage provides:

LGBTQ Specific Advocacy

Advocacy focused specifically for LGBTQ survivors to navigate healing for sexual assault survivors.

Medical advocacy

Support during evidence collection exams.

Legal advocacy

Support throughout reporting to police, prosecution of the offender, and court hearings

Counseling referrals

Referrals to local therapists who are trained, knowledgeable, and affirming in working with LGBTQ survivors of sexual assault. All counseling services are free and do not require you to use your insurance.

LGBTQ survivors support group

The Cottage facilitates LGBTQ specific support groups for LGBTQ adult survivors, LGBTQ People of Color, and parents of LGBTQ survivors. For more information on groups, please check our support groups page.

Todos los servicios son inclusivos para la comunidad LGBTQ y en español. Si necesitas servicios en español, contacta a


To receive any of these services or to speak with someone, contact The Cottage by calling the Crisis Hotline.