The Cottage offers education and awareness on a number of issues and topics related directly to child abuse and sexual assault.  The Cottage is able to speak to groups about topics ranging from child sexual abuse prevention in both English and Spanish to Bystander Intervention of Sexual Violence. 

Public Speaking Topics:

  • Forensic Interviewing of Children

  • Child Physical Abuse Indicators and Intervention

  • Child Sexual Abuse Indicators and Intervention

  • Child Abuse Investigations (what to expect from the process for the caregiver and child) 

  • Expert Testimony in Court

  • Children who witness DV and how they heal

  • Sexual Violence Prevention for Middle school and High School students

  • Healthy Relationships for Teens

  • Trauma Focused Therapy for Children and Teens

  • Sexual Assault & Adult Services provided by The Cottage 

  • Rape Culture

  • How to Help an Adult Survivor or Responding to Disclosures

  • Bystander Awareness 

  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

  • Working with LGBTQ Survivors

  • Sex Trafficking in Athens

All topics can be presented in Spanish.

If you have a particular topic in the area of child abuse or sexual assault which you would like education and training on, please email The Cottage Executive Director Sally Kimel-Sheppard at  to discuss options for training.